Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Night Before Thanksgiving

According to the VDG's, the night before Thanksgiving is the TRUE start of the holiday season, because it ushers in the holiday festivities. (I hope you celebrated accordingly.) The VDG's are a couple from my branch presidency. They are 1) Some of my biggest fans, 2) Hilarious, 3) Talented, 4) Huge Old Movie Buffs. Tonight was a viewing of If I Had A Million at the old theater down the street from me. They were of course going to attend, and they invited me as they always do.

As we were walking down the street after the movie, we were discussing the plans for Thanksgiving Dinner that they were hosting tomorrow. They have invited all the lonely singles. Turns out their last head count was somewhere around 26. Twenty-Six?! That's crazy. It was also mentioned that Sister VDG's nephew would be there. And he's single! And 28. No, 29. No, 28. (It was undetermined.) Anyway,  he is apparently very good looking, and oh, has been on Jeopardy a few times. He should be arriving at the VDG's in a few hours, and will be helping set up chairs before dinner.

So, what do you think? Should I arrive early and flirt? I mean, help set up?


Amanda said...

Work it girlfriend!!

Ky said...

Oh baby. You get there early. Wear your favorite sweater and some flirty eyeshadow goodness.

And lipgloss. Work the lips!

You should probably help set up chairs too. Because you love the VDGs.

Kayde said...

FLIRT! I mean set up chairs and such.

Diana C. said...

you create your own opportunities! :) work it! you know it!

Tara said...

I LOVE this post. I hope you did go early to help flir-up! All I have to say is JEOPARDY! Wow good looking and smart...and nice relatives. Snatch him up my friend.