Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Weather

This has been an amazing fall! I can't hardly believe it! It reminds me of fall in California. We have had cloudy days, we have had sunshine-y days, we have had warm days and cool days, we have had gorgeous fall color, and leaves flying on the wind. It hasn't even snowed yet! This shocks me to no end. To be absolutely correct, it did snow for about 20 minutes last week. Like, real flakes floating to the ground. It was gorgeous to watch it come down. I loved it. But then it was gone.

Everyone has loved this weather. I know people who (annoyingly) are already complaining about winter. Obviously, it's not here, so stop complaining. But I'm ready for it! People may roll their eyes, but I want SNOW in December! It's just so festive. Plus, I have new snow boots I want to try out. That really is the driving force behind my desire for snow: Fashion.

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