Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Midnight Affair

I don't know if you will care about this post.

I'm really uncertain. But... I should give you a chance, shouldn't I?


I love nail polish. Did you know?

I'm betting you didn't. I usually keep that obsessive side of my personality out of the limelight. I also love makeup and makeup trends, but that is for another post.

Well, in the hunt for the next big nail polish trend--matte instead of glossy, natch--I went to my local Rite Aid. As assumed they didn't have any of this cool new polish yet. However, I did come across an excellent brand: Revlon.

I found a cool color, gave it a try, and liked the results. I decided to make the purchase. Midnight Affair was now mine.

I applied it Saturday afternoon, and to this day, to this hour, it is still in pristine condition! There is nary a chip to be found! I LOVE this stuff! The coverage was excellent, the color true, the dried result was absolute perfection! Sigh.

This stuff is magical. Those Revlon guys have an excellent formula. I'm just glad they have decided to share it with me.

I must really emphasize the no-chip factor. I have picked tape off walls, opened a multitude of hard to open eye shadows, took my stainless steel watch off multiple times, washed dishes, scraped my manicure up against my keys whilst searching for them in my bag, and still! Not one little chip!

Now, I understand it hasn't even been a week yet, and you might be concerned over the legitimacy of my testing, but I must tell you that I really have been quite careless with my manicure this time around, and I feel confident that it will last an adequate amount of time. I was just so excited that I haven't even seen one nick or chip that I had to share the good news.

If I did get some chips in my manicure, it must immediately come off, because a chipped manicure is basically telling the world you never grew out of your eighth grade awkward years.

And really, I don't want that.


Claire said...

so, we don't even get a picture? what's up with that?

Tara said...

wow that is impressive...is it a specific formula? I think this is something I would be willing to try...also thankfully I already knew about your obsessions and I still like you.

Ky said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this review. I agree; one of my favorite colors is a Revlon color! When I paint my toes, it stays chip-less for like a month!

Also, you should know I was recently sent a new color from AVON to review and it's awesome! It makes me look sort of vampirey, but it would look fab on you. It's called Nocturnal. It's a chocolate plum color. Pretty cool (but not matte).

Myriah said...

Oh my goodness, Ky, you are the luckiest person on earth. Nail polish just shows up in your mailbox??? Magical...