Monday, August 31, 2009

"September" or, "An Increase of Chlamydia"

I usually look forward to the turning of the calendar, but tonight, as I turned the page to September, I could only think unpleasant thoughts. September? September? Where has the time gone?

And, because of my calendar fetish, I had to have that same experience three more times!


September ushers in the start of Cal Poly. Which means, for me in my current work situation, the beginning of a bunch of clueless, pathetic, lost souls bouncing, strutting, or dragging themselves into my place of employment seeking birth control, std checks, and emergency contraception. It also means an increase in conceited young men and an increase of chlamydia in the area, which of course is exciting, so hooray for September!

On a non-sarcastic view of September, I am actually quite excited. This month is the month of my Mother's birth, and this year we also have the wonderful arrival of my brother and his family to California. Atascadero, to be exact. Hopefully right around the block. We could totally ride bikes to each other's houses! Or, maybe walk, because I don't have a bike.

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Liji and Christina Waite said...

So we want to know why you only have 4 calendars. Come on Myriah! You have got to step up the game if you are going to call yourself a lover of calendars.