Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reckoned With!

Tonight before dinner I asked Brandon if he was going to compete in the semi-secret race against Marie. He nodded his head like there wouldn't be any problem crushing her.

He completely misjudged the extent of this event.

He started out strong. He made a lot of conversation. He took small bites. He had a lot left on his plate when Mom, Dad and Mary had finished. And then... I don't know what happened, but he went back for seconds and finished before Marie. That Marie is a force to be reckoned with! And today, I reckoned with her! Bam! I was totally the last one eating! I was so proud of myself.


It sure was nice to have someone to compete with though. Sometimes when it's only Marie and I the competition doesn't have all the fire it deserves.


Jodie said...

Sounds like Brandon lost focus. Stay focused!

Ky said...

I knew you could do it! I am impressed. I would have probably been the first one done.

I still think Mike needs to have a go at this competition. I'm sure he would have a real fighting chance. He's so...incredibly...slow...

Dark Horse said...

The thing that is so amazing, is this woman said absolutely nothing during dinner. She just kept eating. Every time I looked over she was moving that fork around. It was incredible. Myriah on the other hand uses some tricky and annoying, but effective tactics. Eating corn one niblet at a time?! Are you serious?! Off the cob?! Incredible.

I gave an effort, and when I saw that it was down to the three of us I thought I had a chance, but Marie and Myriah just have an incredible anti-kick (anti-kick; from the Latin Antis and Kicocobolis; meaning the ability to slow down and operate extremely slowly at the end of a competition), and I was out anti-kicked. I make no excuses, only learn from my experience. The winds of change will come, and I will reign supreme!

And yes, I lost focused. I need to stay focused.

Tara said...

I think this competition could cause me to either gain or loose weight (if played on a daily basis)…
I could:
a. get so bored trying to eat a normal amount of food over such a long time period that I would just tap out and stop eating
b. I would load my plate with a huge amount of food so it would last long enough to be real competition to Marie.