Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Death of a Love

My beloved Longs Drugs has bit the dust.

I knew it was happening, I just wasn't exactly sure when CVS/Pharmacy was going to take over.

Well, they have officially taken over and it has broken my heart.

I loved Longs Drugs. Everything was so clean and orderly. They always had new items. Sometimes, I would go there just to browse. But my favorite part about Longs, my favorite department was the Health and Beauty area. I love products, and all of their products were always displayed so nicely. I adored the face wash/moisturizer aisle. Everything was set up according to brand on bright white shelving, with mirrors and extra lighting! I would swoon when I walked down that aisle. It was everything I wished for my cupboards at home!

A few days ago I finally managed to get up the guts to enter the new CVS. I've never been in a CVS, and I was willing to be pleasantly surprised.

As I walked through the doors I immediately felt dirty. I felt so strange. A weird smell engulfed me.

This isn't a pleasant surprise! This is an unpleasant surprise!

I looked down and there were carpet squares on the floor! CARPET SQUARES! Are you KIDDING ME??? That is disgusting! As my eyes adjusted to the weird lighting, I noticed that I could see every person shopping in the store. All of the shelving was super short. Does CVS want to cut down on intercom use for locating missing persons? I suppose they feel it is better to just glance around the store, and you are sure to find the person you had lost. Maybe the small shelves are for the purpose of expediting my shopping trip. I could have hollered from aisle two, "Hey creepy man in aisle five, please toss me that box of Tampax Pearl tampons, regular, unscented! Thanks!" Not only is this a faster way to shop, it's also a nice way to get to know my community. Thanks CVS, for affording me that opportunity.

I don't know who their focus group was, but it must have been a bunch of crazies.

I walked around the store for a little while, trying to give it a chance. I felt my face becoming more and more disappointed and disgusted as I wandered around the store. I half expected to see a dead, decaying homeless man in the corner, or at least one relieving himself on a carpet square.

Whenever I walked into Longs wearing workout clothes or something like that, I always felt that I was a bit under dressed. But walking into CVS, it felt like anything white trash would have been appropriate.

I think Dollar Stores are classier.


JesseJames said...

Oh sad which Longs was it? Isabelle and I used to go to Longs all the time because they had one downtown and it always had great discounts on candy after the Holidays. I hope you feel better and you can get over the loss of longs. I know it will be hard but I have faith in you.

Dark Horse said...
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Dark Horse said...

Hey! I like CVS...
plus Bryn calls it CBS and that makes me giggle.

Audrey's grandma said...

I know what you mean. I went into my local Longs last week thinking it was still Longs. The prices were HIGHER and you now need a stupid card to get discounts on stuff. Gone were the special little things that just Longs had. I was very amazed at all the higher prices. I don't think I'll be going back, unless I'm desperate for something.

Ky said...

They are building a new CVS near my house. I don't think it will be white trash, because this particular area of town is not white trash. Plus, it's far enough from the Walmart to keep the crazies away.

I hope.

Tara said...

bumber...I'm sorry that you have lost your beloved Longs...this post made me laugh, so I guess something good came out of it. I also hate the card thing at can't even use your phone number