Monday, July 20, 2009


Marie is 92 (ish) years of age.

Did you know?

Also, she was walking to Circle K the other day when she fell.

Someone helped her up, I think she finished her trip to Circle K, and then she went home.

This happened about two weeks ago. She has been in a lot of pain recently.

She has been to the doctor, and they didn't have anything to say.

My parents have gone to the store for her a few times, getting different pain medications to see if anything helps. My mother has started taking Marie dinner.

Marie actually didn't go to Church this weekend, and she always goes to Church. She didn't come to Sunday dinner either. Mom brought her a plate of food that she could eat at her leisure. By the way, on Sunday we had three different kinds of potatoes with dinner; it was very fun. We had some golden potatoes, some purple potatoes, and some sweet potatoes.

Marie wasn't at dinner, but Grandma was. She kept telling us of the dangers of Marie accidentally mixing medicines, or not eating enough or not drinking enough, or not getting enough exercise. She shared her opinion of Marie's use of her air conditioner, and she also shared her opinion of Marie's two inattentive sons. Let's just say Grandma didn't have anything nice to say about them. She didn't hold back, and it also didn't seem to matter that it was the Sabbath.

Anyway, I wanted to keep you updated on Marie. I'm not saying anything about anything.

I'm just saying.


Jodie said...

Oh Marie! Good thing your family is there to help. I hope she will be alright.

Dark Horse said...

First of all, I can't believe you held out on the red, white, and blue potatoes on me. I am offended, severely.

Second point, Marie?! She seemed to be doing so good. I hope she makes a recovery so that Grandma has someone else to complain to. I'm just saying.

Ky said...

Poor Marie. She is a tough cookie.