Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jam Packed

My parents, apparently, aren't interested in being around for holidays this year.

They weren't here for Valentine's Day, they almost missed Easter, they won't be here tomorrow for Mother's Day, and they won't be here for Father's Day either.

So, it's just Mary and I holding down the fort. Which leads me to the fantastic day I had. Mary, Tara and I decided it would be in everyone's best interest if we went to the beach today.

Mary was making her usual internet rounds before we left for the beach, and she came across this great deal. We were so stoked. That little bag is jam packed with tons of great products, we knew immediately that it needed to come live with us. So, we decided to go halfsies. And although Mary did end up with the Smash Box Photo Finish foundation primer SPF 15, I did get the Ole Henriksen herbal day creme with SPF 15, so I figure we split everything pretty fairly. I've only tried one other product from Ole Henriksen, and I love it, so I'm bound to love this herbal day creme, right?

Anyway, once we left Sephora, (where Tara made her first Sephora purchase, we are so proud of her), we found our way to the beach. It was simply wonderful. We went to Avila, and we ended up walking down the beach to a place that isn't usually accessible because of high tide. But, we accessed it, and it was great! The sand was softer, the rocks were whiter, and the water a bit more magical. With all of these things working on my soul, I decided I was going to go into the ocean for my first time this year. I walked out pretty far and didn't feel one rock beneath my feet. The waves splashed all around me as the late afternoon sun caused the water to glimmer and glow. The beauty of this earth swelled within me, and as the next wave came to greet me I dove right under it. It was the best feeling ever. I forget all the time that I love the water. But I love it. I do. I'm saying it here and now, so if at any point I mention that I'm "whatev" on swimming, you can tell me I'm wrong. It felt so good to swim. The water and the sunlight and the warmth all wriggled their way into my soul that I actually danced and jumped and leaped on the shore. It was fabulous.

While we were walking back to our towels, we saw a dog. And I got to pet him. I couldn't believe how great my day was going! Naturally by now we were starving, so we headed back to Atascadero (the longest word I know of that is typed almost entirely with the left hand) and went to eat dinner at Sylvester's. It was delicious.

At home we watched some Gilmore, took showers, and then introduced Tara to the world of Bare Minerals. We think she likes them. Also, I discovered a new way to do my eye make up.

I'm going to try it out at church tomorrow.


Tara said...

It was a wonderful day! Thanks for inviting me to participate! I luv your description of the water!!! I love to swim too! Here's to many more beach days to come this summer! Oh and I do luv bare minerals!

Audrey's grandma said...

Just to let you know that I do follow your blog and love reading your stories. I liked what you said on Marissa's blog about Audrey's pig tails looking like antenna!
Yes, I love bare mineral make-up and Gilmore's are my favorite too!!!