Monday, July 7, 2008


Great news: Paul, Marissa and their entourage arrived today. Yup, we totally get to chillax with them all week. I'm pretty excited. Tonight is a big family dinner, and I had the honor of retrieving Grandma. We had a discussion about ice cream. I like ice cream far more than I like cookies. Grandma says she likes ice cream more than she likes cookies as well. I say hogwash. If she is such an ice cream lover, how come she makes all those cookies all the time and makes us eat them even though they have nuts all up in them and I hate nuts and don't even really like cookies?

I think there is more to Grandma's ice cream /cookie face-off, but I don't want to discuss it any longer.

Let us fast forward 20 minutes and you will find me emerging from my room with a decision to make.

It was between hanging out with Grandma and the other women in the living room, or outside with Dad, Paul, and the dogs. I chose outside. Dad has got himself a fancy new garden hose spray nozzle. He got it at OSH. It was nice to be hanging out with them, chatting about the nozzle, testing it's ability. Paul was impressed with the nozzle's durability. (The one he has at home is not so durable.)

Anyway, it's nice to have a brother around.


Jodie said...

If only I could spray you with that durable nozzle. We are totally missing out on the fun! Maybe you can make some cardboard cut outs of us to put in pictures. Then we will feel like we are all there. That would be great. Make mine with me eating ice cream....and a cookie.

Ky said...

That's great. It's great to have nozzles to talk about. That sounds like a discussion that would happen at any given moment at Mike's house. Nozzles and their durability.

As for the Grandma issue, here's what I think: Grandma likes to bake. You've told me that. Unless she can learn to make Baked Alaska or some other baked ice cream of sorts, you will end up with nutty cookies. If only she could nix the nuts!

Also, I have never had Baked Alaska and cannot vouch for it.