Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Davis & Co. Part 2

The next morning found us ready to play soccer but no one to play soccer with. So we decided we should go jogging. Apparently Davis has many a jogging/walking/biking trail, and it was up to me to pick one. I picked the arboretum because Claire kept saying it so fast I could have sworn she was talking about a burrito, and I like burritos.

It was a lovely run, although it was a very hot day, and I do remember admitting that I hadn't been that drenched with sweat in many years. It was delightful.

I Googled these arboretum pictures, so we are not in them, so stop looking for us.

After the run we were starving, so we decided to go to the Fuji Sushi Boat place and eat a lot of sushi.

I really did end up eating a lot of sushi, and I am sorry to say I wasn't able to get a really great picture of it all.

Right before I thought I would pass out, I decided it was best to just leave the table and go pay for my meal. We walk up to the front desk place, and no one was around. No problem, we can wait.

We didn't wait long, because soon a 6ish(?) year old kid came up behind the desk, climbed into the chair, and held out his hand for my bill and payment.

I gave it to him.

After he played with the machine and my card for a moment, and after Claire and I exchanged bemused glances, an adult came over to help the small boy and that is when I realized I should have taken a picture earlier.

But I was filled to the brim with sushi, so I was kind of slow. I did manage to grab this picture, though:

Afterwards, I passed out in the car while Claire drove us to the Sacramento temple. All I have to say is, "Whoa!" The inside of the Sacramento temple is absolutely amazing. It is gorgeous. I have been in ten temples and I think this one might win "best interior decorating." It in no way wins "best all-around," but I was really stunned the moment I walked in, it simply took my breath away, and caused me to come up with this award system.

An interesting feature of the Sacramento temple is the wild turkey herd right on temple grounds. Who knew?

I just want everyone to check out these flowers:

They are as big as my head!!!!


The next day I went to Claire's ward, and while she was in a meeting for the ultra-righteous, I stumbled upon this little bit of heaven:

Yup. A dating box.


I was so glad I had my camera with me.

It took every ounce of self restraint and goodwill I had in my body not to put Claire's name in there. While I was contemplating what a great joke it would be if I did put her name in, I was also contemplating who to put her with. I only knew one male first and last name set, a rather infamous gentleman in the ward, when I glanced over and discovered the entire ward in pictures. While I was suddenly overcome by all the possibilities, I talked myself out of ruining Claire's life and just decided to walk away.

It was maybe one of the hardest things I've ever done.


Amanda said...

Myriah, you could have been saving Claire's life. Did you ever consider that?

Claire said...

shut up, amanda...

Myriah said...

Oh no!

I didn't consider that...

I'm just going to have to ask a friend of mine to drop by the church building and take care of that.

Tara said...

so how does this dating box work? I mean I get you put the slips of paper in... but then what happens? Does is shoot out majic dust that fills the whole church building and whoo's young men whose names are in the box into asking out the gilrs with whom their names have been attached? I'm very interested.

Claire said...

The idea is that the Bishop's wife opens up the box periodically, and might make some "suggestions" to one or both of the people whose names appeared.
However, I have not heard of anything coming of this box, mostly because I don't think the Bishop's wife approves of any of the suggestions dropped in. And THAT could be because nobody really takes it seriously.

Ky said...

I wish you had put that flower in your hair. A hibiscus the size of your head! Who knew?