Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today is a day off, and I hadn't really planned it all out.
On my agenda:

1. Work out
2. Clean desk
3. Maybe organize bathroom

It would appear that I could accomplish these things. I took care of number one like, 10 minutes after I woke up.

Have I begun the other two? NO.

You may be wondering why. Well, it's simple: My favorite magazine ruined everything.
My favorite magazine is In Style. I don't know if you know that about me. My second favorite magazine is Wired, but I stopped subscribing to that after I moved a million times and all I had the strength to keep up on was my In Style subscription.

Okay, so, I got the new issue of In Style the other day. Last night I looked at it.

It has been redesigned.

The cover hasn't been, though. The cover looks normal, good, and wonderful. Imagine my surprise when I open the magazine and realize the fonts have changed! That was not the only thing that changed. There were multiple changes, and I didn't sleep well last night because of it.

I am very sensitive to design changes, and this mess hit me hard. I almost felt like I was reading Glamour Magazine, and I hate Glamour Magazine.

Anyway, after my workout, I still didn't feel quite right. It was then I remembered that In Style made a huge mistake with the new redesign and that is what was bothering me. Of course, what could I do about it? Just suck it up, I guess.

I tried to get over it.

I really did.

I tried cleaning my desk, but I couldn't focus. Stupid In Style was driving me mad.

So I sat down and wrote out a lengthy letter to the editor about how they ruined everything. I usually think those letters are dumb, but it helped me feel better. I'm sure it won't get published (it really was long) but I'm fine with that. Maybe some low-down staffer who ends up reading those things will get motivated and find the courage to tell someone higher up that she agrees with me, and maybe things will change.


I doubt it.

Anyway, I'm still a little miffed about it, but I did what I could.

So in this mood, I check my email and realize my credit card statement was ready. Finally. I've been waiting for that thing FOREVER. I was so excited, that I submitted my payment immediately. I double check my bank account, and there is plenty of money for me to to make a payment at this time. I scroll through my transactions, and realize my school loan repayment hadn't been posted yet. Hmm..... I am pretty sure I made that payment ten days ago. I double check my records, and I certainly did make that payment. Today is my due date, so perhaps the payment will be posted to my account today. I'm fine with that.

Then I start doing some math. Do I have enough in my account to cover the credit card and the school loan? No. No, of course not. I had already taken care of the loan in my head when I submitted payment for my credit card.


So, I go about trying to figure out how to stop payment on my credit card. It's not due for another few weeks anyway. I log in, and it says, "Just hit cancel next to the payment you would like to cancel."

I take a look, and there is no "cancel," just the word "pending." That's not going to do me any good. So I head on over to my student loan website, to see if I could adjust the amount I paid. Every month I usually over pay on my loan, so if I could get in there and adjust it, I would still be able to make my payments, but I would also have the cushion I needed in my bank account.

Apparently, it was impossible.

So I was just sitting here, thinking about the fines I will accrue due to my insufficient funds, with more crap on my desk (when I was looking through my records, it got a little messy) when mom comes in with the mail. I had received something from my student loan. It was a letter informing me that my payment didn't go through, and I would need to repost it.

Remember how I made that payment ten days ago? Well, even though I was glad that I was able to post the exact amount due, I was also a little worried that if I posted it online, it would take another ten days for them to tell me it didn't go through. And, of course, TODAY IS THE DUE DATE. Not wanting to risk it, I decide to call them up and make a payment over the phone. According to the website, this is an easy option and you can call anytime.

So, I called Utah, (where my loan guys are) and I started in on the automated voice thing. I entered information and suddenly, after entering my life story, the voice says, "According to your account information, it looks like it would be best for you to speak with a customer service representative." I could tell I was being transferred, and then another voice came on the line, "Due to the holiday, our offices are closed." Click.

That was it.

Yup. they just hung up on me.

After being miffed about the swift hangup/kick to the side of the road, I thought, "WHAT HOLIDAY?!"

Oh, right.

Pioneer Day.

Only once have I benefited from Pioneer Day, and that did not offset the anger I was feeling today.

So, I posted my payment online, and will pray it works out.


My desk is still a mess. I'm still blaming it on In Style.

On a happier note, a received a notice from the nice folks at United Airlines stating that I would lose my miles if I didn't do something to keep my account active. I could either purchase a plane ticket, or use a few miles and get a subscription to one of these magazines that they have so nicely listed below. I took a look at them, and yesterday Wired came in the mail once again.

So maybe today will have a happy ending. I'm going to go eat some fish sticks and read some Wired and see what happens.


Ky said...

I just wrote a really long comment, then I realized it was planning to post it under Mike's account. I clicked the "change account" button and it erased my comment. I don't want to rewrite it, so all you get is this.

Tara said...

wow, I had no idea, sometimes alot of crappy things can happen in one day. I'm glad the fish stickes and Wired worked out for you.

Anonymous said...

Funny -- the Instyle redesign DOES look like the old glamour. But you should check out the Glamour redesign -- it looks a million times better.

At least I think so.

ps -- love your blog!

Myriah said...

Anonymous: I'm glad you are aware of all the redesigning going on. It's an epidemic, apparently.

And thanks, my blog likes to be loved.