Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hey, Palm Centro!

Well, I got a new phone. Ky's recent acquisition of her new phone got me thinking that maybe I was due for an upgrade as well. Usually I'm dying for the upgrade time because my phone had been acting up. But my old phone is really in ship shape condition, but decided to give it up for the Palm Centro.

I'm so excited. I hope it is everything I've dreamed it to be.

(If not, I've got 30 days.)


Ky said...

Oh, this is wonderful! I love that I am behind this new acquisition. Who knew?

She looks fabulous. I'll be waiting for updates on your feelings toward Centro. Texting, here you come!

Tara said...

Wow it is a beauty...I'm truly wooed by the touch screen.

The Studes said...

do you like it?... one of my friends got one and she wants to throw it out the window. she realized it was to much phone for her

Myriah said...

Yes, I do like it!

It does do way more than the standard phoning function, but i like that. also it's phone function works splendidly, which is something i was worried about. If I get a new phone, it must be able to wonderfully be a phone, you know?

One of my favorite things is that the texting format is like a little chat window. Love it.