Friday, April 11, 2008


It's asparagus season! I know, awesome, huh?
This is by no means an accurate representation of the amount of asparagus that is usually in our fridge.
The asparagus on the left is the regular garden variety, and the asparagus on the right is from the big box store garden.
I like them equally well. I like them just a little steamed up, or i like them grilled up, but i've never tried them raw. I've been wondering about that a lot lately. I have yet to be tempted, but has anyone out there tried it out? What was it like? Tell me all about it.


Hilary said...

As you know, I have a fondness for asparagus, in all it's varieties. Actually, scratch that- white asparagus is gross. Anyway, I've never taken more than a bite of raw asparagus, and it's not impressive.

Tara said...

Grilled asparagus sounds really good...

Ky said...

Don't do it! I have a feeling you'll regret it.

I love asparagus. I enjoy it steamed up with a bit of lemon or lime, or maybe semi-fried in some buttery goodness and Parmesan cheese. And I think I like the skinny ones best, but all I can ever find are the chunky ones. That's Utah, for you. Hopefully Nevada knows more about variety!