Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I was chillin' with my Grandma today, and after she said a bunch of crazy stuff that i have now forgotten, she started talking about the owner of a local health food store.

If Longs didn't have the item she needed, we would have to go to this health food store, and Grandma was all sorts of complaining about it. She just doesn't want to go to his store, okay?

So i was like, "why not?"

and she said, "I just don't like him.
He's short."

me thinking, so... he's rude?

Grandma, "I don't think he's a dwarf. He's just really short."

me thinking, You hate him because he's short? Grandma, YOU are short.

Grandma, "and when it was Halloween and all the businesses open late and give out candy, we went in there, and he didn't give out any candy. So I don't like him."

I'm assuming Grandma took my cousin around for trick-or-treating one year, or maybe Grandma has been trick-or-treating by herself all her life.

No wonder she hates the health food store guy.

He won't give her any candy.


Amanda said...

And who goes trick-or-treating at a health food store? And what kind of health food store would give out candy which is by definition unhealthy?

Myriah said...

I'm not sure.

But he's really short.

Brianna said...

I don't like short people either (she spits to the side to show her disgust)

Macon Family said...

You have the best conversations with grandma, that's funny!

Hey, I need your email so that you can see our blog too! I warn you though, it's not as funny as yours!

Ky said...

I can't meet your grandma. You know how short I am. This is very upsetting...but maybe if I brought candy?