Sunday, June 17, 2007

The DAM Run

The Teton DAM run is a pretty big deal here in Southeastern Idaho.
We originally signed up to be volunteers, because all the volunteers get these really great orange shirts that say "DAM volunteer" on the back, a highly coveted item.
We didn't get shirts. Apparently, our shirts are on their way, but we didn't get to wear them at the race. Because of this, we used the word "dam" with as much vigor as possible for most of the day.
You'll find other people enjoy the use of "Dam" too.
One early runner, who was not in the race, but just cruising by...(we were in the middle of Sugar City... look at it thriving...)

oh yeah, the runner who was just out for a jog looked thirsty, so we offered him some water... and he said, "I don't want your Dam water,"
and then other runners would say, "Where are your Dam shirts?"
or, "Please give me some of that Dam water... do you have Dam Gatorade?"
And later, there was kinda a party at the park for the runners and family and people would say, "This is a pretty good Dam party."

People just go wild for the Dam Marathon.
I'm fairly certain that the runners would think of witty "dam" things to say when they passed us... We heard some good stuff.


Amanda said...

This reminds me of my trip to the Hoover Dam. We got to ride in the dam elevator and drank plenty of dam water. Then we walk outside, and my mom says, "boy, it's dam hot." We laughed for hours over that one.

Anonymous said...

Way to immerse yourself in the culture. What a Teton good idea! gj

Tara said...

LOL...I hope you all put plenty of quarters in the jar! Sounds like the DAM marthon was a DAM good time, look I'm getting into the spirit and I wasn't even there!

Myriah said...

Yes, it is a Teton good idea!

Tara, the swear jar is only for when we really swear... not when we are only pretending to for a really great joke.

Amanda, your mom is so funny. I'm glad you were able to remember it. Do you ever mention that quote to your mom every so often? I'll be reminding my mom about that "teton good idea" for years.