Sunday, June 17, 2007

Man Made

The Rexburg temple is nearing completion. They just have to landscape, I think.
Supposedly, the temple will open in October, but nobody has sent me out an official email or anything.
About a year ago, the Idaho Falls temple opened it's door for walk in baptisms. Prior to that, you had to drag about 5 men out of their beds before 6:30 in the morning to do baptisms if you didn't have an assignment.
But, for the past year, i was able to go do baptisms every Friday at a normal hour, without finding men and dragging them along.

This is the baptistery entrance. They put up that doorbell sign about 4 months ago... apparently, no one could ever find the doorbell.

The 'mates.
Actually, left to right: Shalyn went home for the rest of the summer (home is 2 hours away) so we aren't actually roommates when we took this picture. Jenna was just visiting, and had moved out for the summer, which was in April. Then me of course, and Kathleen is going home tonight. Moving out of my room. It is so sad. But she is putting in her papers, so that is good.

i don't know why i took this crooked picture. I should have taken a straight one.

The Falls. I know... stunning...
Apparently, Idaho Falls was originally called Eagle Rock, after an Eagle was seen sitting on a Rock.

The name was changed after they made these Falls for energy harnessing.


Amanda said...

I am entirely jealous of your temple situation. The beach only makes up for... 80% of the lack of a temple. : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful temple photos. Thanks for sharing. gj

Tara said...

Man your photography skills really are blossoming this makes Idaho look I'm jealous that you all went to the Temple together. It makes me miss you all. Your such a dedicated Temple goer. I love that about you. By the way could I borrow your conference ensign? I just want to see what you have marked.LOL!

Myriah said...

Oh thanks guys. You know all these photos are suitable for desktoping.