Monday, March 5, 2007


I have a Book of Mormon class i need to take for my last semester. Basically, it comes down to taking it from a teacher who appears to be very easy, or taking it from a teacher who is known to be hard, but apparently, i would learn a lot. Also, i checked out his website, and there seems to be a lot of stuff dependant on how cool my other classmates are. Group meetings and projects and such. So, do i want to learn a lot? Do i want to hope for the best freshmen to be in my class? Or should i keep my nose down, take an easy class, and if there are dumb freshmen in my class (which BOM is a freshmen class) i won't have to interact with them?

I don't know. What does everyone think?


Amanda said...

You need to make a decision matrix. Call me and we'll talk about it. Also, why do you not capitalize your 'I's? The shift key to much of a hassle?

*Ky* said...

I say take the easy one. You don't want to have to stress out about your BOM class when you are graduating! Ignore the freshmen! GO EASY!

Myriah said...

I've made a MarCom Matrix before, but never a decision matrix. It sounds wonderful.
And yes, yes, that darn shift key really slows me down. Actually, i really have no idea why i don't use the shifty, but i don't. Does it make you uncomfortable?

Anonymous said...

the way i see it you have potiental to learn alot in either class after all the book of mormon promises to give us guidance with any concerns even dumb freshmen! gj