Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dream Living with Frahhnkie

I just moved to a new hood. I'm not really sure how I got here, but here I am, with a skyline view and BMWs parked on the street. This place is certainly different than Logan Square, which mostly had old broken-into hondas and Mazdas lining the streets.

Anyway, I came home tonight, and heard the jingle of dog tags. YES! Frankie would be in the back, and I'm gonna play with her! 

I walked through the house, and out to Frankie. My landlord was out there (she lives above us) and we started talking, and she gave me two pots and soil for my tomato plant! So I planted my plants, and then put my American flag in the soil, and we are all set for the Fourth!

 I'm getting to know Frankie better. She is a 1 year old pit bull with a tanish grey coat. She is pretty soft, and a mid sized dog. I just love dogs. We threw the ball for a little bit and practiced her commands like "drop it" and "sit". 

It was a lovely evening, with the planting and the dog. Sigh. This is all I ever want to do! But apparently you won't find a husband if you are always in your backyard planting and playing with dogs. Sigh. 

Also, Frankie's mom calls her "Frahhnkie".


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