Wednesday, August 28, 2013

September Issue

You guys. I haven't been here in so long that my browser didn't even recognize my blog address.

This is so embarrassing.

What is possibly more embarrassing is that I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and then climbed into bed all by 7:30 tonight.

Around 8:20 I was awoken by a large buzzing fly, buzzing and flying all up in my personal space. When that happens I always think the fly is someone I know, who was ruthlessly transfigured into a fly by an evil sorcerer, and this fly is trying to communicate with me so that I may save his life!

And then I get real and start planning a way to kill it. I don't have a fly swatter, but I do have magazines. That poor fly didn't know what hit it.


Aaron and Amanda said...

You blogged! I've been waiting forever!! :)

So great to see you last week! XO

Myriah Cohen said...

You inspired me! I'm sorry that you had to turn around and go back to Maryland, but I'm so grateful that I got to see you!

Kylie said...

What happened to us? We used to blog. We were so funny and so bloggy.