Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here

Last Saturday, one of the stakes in Chicagoland had a movie night. We all met at a theater downtown, and watched A Christmas Carol. You know, the newish one that was shown in 3D. Well, afterward we walked up Michigan Ave, and ended at Ghirardelli's. Well, I spotted a chocolate croissant, the kind Hope and I had been looking for since we met each other. Searching for chocolate croissants was actually the first thing we did together. So we bought a croissant, and it was truly delicious and I think the First Christmas Miracle of the season. 

We also stopped for a pic with the big tree in front of the John Hancock building. I liked how blue it looked from far away. It doesn't look so blue in this picture however.  

I've always thought that the biggest trial in my life might be to have children who are allergic to normal food. I've given this a lot of thought, and I think that is the thing that would cause me the most trouble. Well, that night we met a guy who was severely allergic to peanuts and some metals. And then it hit me: Could my biggest trial in life be to marry a man with food allergies? That sounds terrible! And what if our children were also allergic to everything? It would be a huge trial, that's for sure. 

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