Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Town and Kozlareks

I rarely sit around. Okay, that's a lie, I sit around whenever possible, and sometimes even when it's not possible. But even though I love the sitting, I find myself on adventures. And somehow, I found myself on an adventure to Chinatown with Sandy, and Branch President and Sister Kozlarek. 

We did what you do in Chinatown: walk around, go in stores, make jokes about the dried wares, and eat Chinese food. 

I surprisingly had a lot of fun (I say surprising because I don't usually hang out with my Branch Pres and his wife) and we joked and joked and joked and joked, and then they took us out to lunch, which was amazing. 

Oh, and we also found out that Pres K and I are both of the Year of the Rat, which really clears things up. And Sister K, in all her Sister K-ness, looked at all the different years, and wrote down which years were compatible with Sandy and I, to be looked up in the branch directory to better find us husbands. 

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Diana C. said...

oh my goodness. this post really made me laugh, because I could imagine a lot of what happened. I love sis. K. How on earth did this hang out come about? Random....