Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mark in Chicago and Bean Fries

As previously stated, Mark Egan was at my house. And I wasn't. C'mon, Cohen! I raced home (stood at bus stops) and I finally got to see my old friend. I gave him a quick tour of my place, we snacked up, then it was time to hit the town! We swung by the Cultural Center because I love it there. It is amazing. It was there I remembered that our next stop, the Art Institute, was closed for the rest of the day. 

We quickly changed plans by following the masses of people heading to Millennium Park. Hello, free concert! I love Chicago in the summer.

 After we heard some beats we wondered over to Cloud's Gate.

I told Mark that the main activity at the Bean is to take pictures of yourself in the Bean. I don't think he was paying attention: 

He was busy capturing this. Looks like a sound wave, huh? Or maybe a worm hole to another universe? Or maybe just a mirror? 

If you've ever been under the bean, you'll know it looks a bit like this: 

If you've ever met Mark before, you would know that he would need to conduct some experiments to find out how tall the underside of the Bean is, and he would use whatever he had on hand to conduct said experiments. In the above picture, can you see him throwing a wadded-up pamphlet?

We checked out the rest of Millennium Park and its environs, 

We walked up Michigan Ave to the river, where we posed for a pic with the Trump Tower, 

and also the other weird buildings I  can never remember the name of, 

and settled down for a delicious riverside dinner, which happens to be the place that I went to with my parents just a few short days ago. 

It was a gorgeous night. Mark lucked out on that one.

We walked around a bit more, then jumped on the L to go up to Lincoln Park (the 'hood, not the park), where we met Hope and Diana for a little West Side Story movie in the park. 

The next morning he was gone, off to continue on his great journey. 

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Ky said...

I didn't see this post! I love it. These pictures are awesome. I didn't know Mark visited!