Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diana's Birthday Day

 A half hour after my parents left I packed my bags and I went home with Hope and Diana. It is our usual Sunday routine to have a sleep over, and it was also Diana's birthday in the morning!

We woke up about five hours after the sun was up (the sun was waking up really early) and we went for.. wait for it.. BRUNCH! On our way we found a special birthday wish for Diana:

We went to Southport Grocery and had the most amazing breakfasts. 

I had a bruchetta scramble number, 

And Diana had bread pudding pancakes which basically knocked her socks off. They were rich and amazing. 

After breakfast, although we could hardly move, we made our way downtown. It was a gorgeous day. I love when Chicago tries to woo me. We ended up at the last remaining Boarders in Chicago and went crazy looking for great deals and hard to find books. It was great! 

Then suddenly, I get a text from Mark Egan. He's at my house. 


tayloranne said...

Hahaha 'Class up your cleavage". Seriously?! That made my day.

Tara said...

you girls celebrate in style...for real-z.