Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Great Day

Today I had a leisurely wake up time, hung out on the interwebs, practiced some new hair braiding techniques,  got ready for work, then went with a coworker to the best Thai buffet in Chicago. "Best" means delicious and $6.99. After discussing many things, including the plot line to The Lord of The Rings (seriously, I don't understand that book), and our activities for the evening (I'm going to a RS party, she is going to an outdoor viewing of The Lord of the Rings with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing the soundtrack), we stumbled out of Diva Thai and waited for our bus to work.

Work was chillax. Relatively. Do you remember how I said that maybe we would be getting a reality TV show? Well, we did, and we've been filming for the past week now. So, we have another staff running around the office, capturing our every move. (Interesting side note: When they first showed up, they were wearing all black. However, the next time I saw them, it appeared they have been instructed to show up in roughly the same dress code we do. Their application of our dress code is pretty funny. At least they try.)

We have an event in the 'burbs tonight. A new Ann Taylor is opening, and we were invited. All of the peeps going to that had their hair done, and the publicity company sent pizza over. Soon the chartered bus rolled up. (Last week we charted a trolly to a charity event with Molly and Trista from the Bachelor and Bachelorette.) Everyone asked me if I was going to the event, but I told them I had a Relief Society event to go to. Because of the Ann Taylor event, we stopped working at 4.

As I was walking to my vacation home around 4:30 (I have been living with Diana for the past week), I ran through my day in my mind. It's been pretty good. I like this life. I have nothing that must occupy my brain tonight. My only stress right now is trying to finish The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie before Diana realizes I stole it from her.

It's a good life.

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