Monday, August 29, 2011

Ombre Day

I've been into ombre for the past two weeks. I  painted my nails blue ombre, and I painted my eyelids blue-purple ombre this morning. My coworkers noticed, and they snapped this shot:

Yup; that's what I look like when I'm at work. Sleepy. Actually, I closed my eyes for the benefit of the shot. You're welcome. 

But then. But then! Suddenly I remembered the rad ombre shoes I've been wearing, so naturally those had to get in the shot as well. 

It's all just another day at work.

P.S. If you enlarge the photos you'll really get an idea of how ombre I really am. It's pretty serious, this ombre stuff.

P.P.S. Today I had the pleasure of receiving a root canal. Does one side of my face look puffier than the other?


Amanda said...

I am not familiar with "ombre" so I looked it up in the dictionary. I could be wrong, but I think you mean it in a different way than this: "ombre (n): a trick-taking card game for three people using a pack of 40 cards, popular in Europe in the 17th-18th centuries."

Ky said...

Officially impressed. And that was before I scrolled down to realize your incredible flexibility talent!