Sunday, November 7, 2010


I was sitting in church today, thinking of the Heavens, when suddenly I realized it was time to start labeling my blog posts. This secret anti-label thing I've had going is simply foolishness, and must cease immediately.

So, today I've started labeling. I have put my label cloud to your right. Please, feel free to check it out. I have only made a small dent in my great labeling project, which is obvious. If you have any label suggestions, I would love to hear them. I would continue labeling, but I'm tired and want to take a nap. So... see ya.

1 comment:

Jodie said...

There should definitely be a label just for me...that's right...a Jodie label. This can include anything about me, or that I like or really anything you see/do that screams..."Jodie".