Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot or Not: Doctors

Around here, when a female describes a male and he happens to be in med school or PA school or is, in fact, a doctor, this fact is mentioned last, as a grand finale. "Oh, yeah, he's really cute, and so charming, and, get this: med school. Makes him hotter, huh?"

Um, no. Why would this make him hotter? Because... he's busier? Because he has gone to a lot of school and is still going to school and he's 29? Because it is a profession with the promise of a lot of money? Because we are assuming he is smart? Intellectual? But no one ever says, "Oh my gosh, he's really cute, and so charming, and, get this: reads books and newspapers!!"

I have not yet shared this opinion with anyone around here, because I feel it will go the way of my dislike for cheesecake and Halloween traditions. People (women) will be shocked into silence. I will notice underneath their frozen smiles that they are trying to understand me. How is it possible that I'm not smitten by med students? HOW??!?!?

I am a complicated machine.

Granted, I have been told that I must be very hard to woo, but knowing some guy is at some hospital doing rotations just doesn't send my attraction level through the roof. 

So what do you think? Hot or not?


Tara said...

Although I understand that a guy being in med school doesn't actually make them more physically fact on the contrary the dark circles under their eyes and haggard expression from many sleepless nights studying probably makes them look worse...I also can say that the idea of med school/PA school does make a guy hotter to me. Here’s why:
A. Because that means he's educated (not merely a freshman @ Cal Poly or attending Cuesta)
B. He's going to make money..could possibly be the one to help me pay off my college loans.
C. He speaks my lingo...we could collaborate when we talk about scapulas, rotator cuff injuries, and tendon contractures...and we'll both know what the other is talking about.
D. He’s most likely older…because unless he’s doogie howser he didn’t get into med school @ 19.
Anyway if you meet anyone around my age with dark hair, of an acceptable size, and with a sense of humor... doctor or not, give him my number buddy. :)

Mark said...

Hmmm, most doctors I know come out of school with $200,000 in student loan debt, and don't even start paying it off until after residency when they're usually in their 30's. But I'm no expert, my sample pool is admittedly small.

But I think the more important point here is no one in Chicago knows about this blog????

Mark said...

PS - For the record, engineers are way hotter.

Marissa said...

I am totally with you. At BYU there were a ton a pre-med students in my major so I got to know a lot of future "doctors." The majority of them were self-centered, self-righteous, and willing to do ANYTHING to get ahead. When I found out someone was pre-med, it was a turn-off. There were only a select few that I actually liked and they are going to make amazing doctors because they actually care about other people and are going into medicine for the right reasons.