Monday, October 18, 2010

Bongo Room Pretzel Pancakes

There is a brunch place around here that everyone freaks out about. It's called the Bongo Room, and they have da bomb pancakes. Stuff like Red Velvet Pancakes and Oreo Pancakes. Supposedly one of their most popular is the Pretzel Pancake.

When I went with a group of friends, one of them ordered the Pretzel Pancakes, so I tried a bite or two. They were very good. I studied my bites, and decided I could replicate them pretty well at home.

So I did. Start off making your favorite pancake batter. Mine comes from a box, and I just add water. Pour it out onto your skillet. Then, grab some pretzels, pop 'em in a zip lock bag and crush 'em. I can usually find a bag like this at the bottom of my purse, which works fine, but it is tastier if the pretzels are fresh. Pour the crushed pretzels on your pancake as it starts to take shape. Basically it's the same time you would add anything else, like bananas or blueberries. I like to press the pretzels down into the pancake just a bit to make sure they stick. When it is ready, flip your pancake.

The Bongo Room has some type of magical white chocolate sauce that they pour all over the pancakes. I don't particularly like white chocolate, so I chose Nutella and syrup instead.  (Also, I had no idea how to replicate it with minimal amount of work.)  I had all my roommates try out my dish, and they all felt that the Nutella and syrup gave a similar effect to the white chocolate sauce.

Hm, I think I'll go make some right now. Delish.


Jodie said...

How interesting...I never would have thought to put pretzels in a pancake!

Ky said...

Pretzel pancakes! Wow, I think I might need to try this. I feel like the salt would taste great with some syrup and Nutella. Good choice!