Monday, March 29, 2010

The Year of the Wedding

On Sunday a friend announced her engagement. Her wedding date? May 25, 2010.

I was blown away. Never mind the crazy sprint to the alter; it's the fact that another person of my acquaintance is getting married in 2010 that is boggling my mind.

I realized then that my 2010 wedding list was by far outdated. Since my last count, a coworker announced her engagement, an aunt announced her engagement, and a friend announced her engagement, all with intent to wed within the confines of 2010.

As of March 29, the total number of couples of my acquaintance with intent to wed in 2010 is fourteen.


If any of you tell me you are getting married in 2010 I won't be happy for you. In fact, I would probably discourage you from making any such union... at least until 2011.


Myriah said...


I just received an announcement in today's mail.

So... Fifteen.

Ky said...

Man, this is getting ridiculous! I hate people who are getting married in 2010. So unoriginal.

I sure hope you aren't giving these people gifts!

Jamie Pearson said...

15 and its only March well i guess april now. that is insane. I agree with your friend above i hope you are not buying them all gifts you could go broke from doing that. So is having a kid in 2010 different? I hope that doesn't count on your list =)

Myriah said...

It doesn't count. Feel free to have as many babies as you want, just try not to have one when the 2010 wedding people start having kids.