Thursday, March 18, 2010


It all started about a year and a half ago. I was in Fresno with a big group of people, and we needed to select a place to have lunch. Someone shouted, "Let's go to Chipotle!" and a murmur rippled through the group as most people agreed this was a fabulous idea. Naturally in my naivete, I needed an explanation. What is Chipotle?

"Oh, it's wonderful!" they would say.

"Best Mexican food ever!"

"It's kind of like Cafe Rio, but so much better!"

Wow. I've been to Cafe Rio, and I think it's good. I also happen to like things that are wonderful and in the "Best" class, so I had no qualms with going to Chipotle. So I went.

And was disappointed.

Not wonderful.

Not like Cafe Rio, and not the best ever.

That's okay, though, perhaps I ordered the wrong thing. That can happen sometimes.
So, when the occasion would arise, I would find myself at Chipotle giving it another try. I wanted to like it, but apparently I just wanted to make stupid decisions over and over again.

By now my opinion of Chipot-Lame is fairly well formed.

A few weeks ago there was an unnatural buzz surrounding my coworkers. News had reached our office that a new Chipotle was going in right in down town San Luis Obispo, and my coworkers were all lit up with the joy and prospect of it. Again I heard, "Oh it's fabulous," "Oh, I can't hardly believe our luck!" "I'm so excited!" "I'm going opening night!" "This is awesome!" "It's the best Mexican food ever!"


So, I took the bait.

I said, "Oh, Chipotle, huh? I've been there, and I didn't think it was that fabulous."

Everyone started gushing about how the restaurant must have had a bad day, and I ordered the wrong thing, and did I get the mild salsa? Consequently, a lunch order was placed, and I ordered the exact right thing and it wasn't anything to write home about. Nope, only to blog about.

Sure, it was fine and it was good, perhaps lacking in flavor, and I don't think it was bad, but I far prefer the vegetarian burrito at El Mariachi on Highway 41. Now that's a fabulous burrito.


Mark said...

Totally agreed. Every time I eat at chipotlame I ask myself why I did it and my stomach feels like crap. Waaaay overhyped.

Myriah said...

THANK YOU! Finally! Someone sane.

Kira said...

I only like Chipotle's chicken burrito with the corn salsa (not any other!), sour cream, black beans, rice, and cheese. I think it is tastie, but I am not a fan of anything else there. Totally, understand how people might not like it. My sister does not like it either.

Jamie Pearson said...

I feel the same way. I went one time and was not impressed at all. I would rather have Chile's or some hole in the wall place. I do miss good Mexican food we may have found one here but have only been once. Now if they Put in a Cafe Rio in SLO then everyone would need to get excited. Hope you are doing good. =)

Tara said...

WOW...I think I have at one point been there...I dont remember falling in love...also I think it's just fine to hate things that others think are great...sometimes everyone else is wrong. Also I was just telling my Mom Saturday that I think Mexican is a food type that is usually good. Usually but apparently not always.

Ky said...

I've gotta try this El Mariachi burrito! I'm not a fan of Chipotlame either.

I'm a High Tech Burrito gal (now that's a fabulous burrito, if you ever find yourself in Danville, CA).