Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sally the Cat

Greta is, perhaps, obsessed with Sally. So obsessed that we had to move Sally's little house. Specifically, Dad was the one who moved Sally's house. This was done in the dead of night and consequently Greta and I don't know where Sally lives anymore. Dad is the only one who feeds Sally now, and it is always done in secret so as to not arouse canine suspicion.

On Friday Dad went on a backpacking overnighter. Mother, Mary and I came back from a long walk with Greta and someone remembered that we hadn't fed Sally. I volunteered for the job but realized I had no idea where to find Sally.

Or her food.

Or her dish.

Naturally my Nancy Drew skills kicked into gear and I obtained Sally's food and some treats out in Dad's shed. Unable to find her food dish I went into the house for some Tupperware.

Now to find the cat.

I went through the gate in our backyard that leads to the neighbors and just stood on their property for a while, looking around, trying to sense the cat. Giving up I just said, "Kitty kitty kitty," and pop! She apperated out of thin air. I fed her, we bonded, did a few fist-to-head-bumps and I was on my way. It was quite the ordeal, and I still don't know where Sally's food dish is located. This wouldn't bother me so much except for the fact that Dad will be gone for the next week or so, fulfilling his dream of attending Spring Training in Arizona. So who will feed the cat? Can I just pour some food over the fence and hope for the best?

1 comment:

Ky said...

Poor Sally, having to hide from Greta.

Good thing she passed her apparation test. Maybe she's been apparating to your dad for food?

I'd keep feeding her just in case.