Friday, January 22, 2010

Truth Can Do That

Do I look young?

Today my coworker told me she thought I was nineteen or twenty. When I told her how wrong she was, she was honestly quite surprised. Since I was about twenty-three, I have found that people consistently guess my age as about three years younger than is correct. These sorts of guesses come from people who are both younger and older than me, so I don't think it's a generational thing. Also, I never ask people how old I am, I hate that. Why put someone on the spot like that? It's silly. So, these people that have guessed at my age have done so because they were so surprised when the truth was discovered that they simply had to divulge their inmost thoughts. Truth can do that to people.

Well? Do I look my age?


Amanda said...

I've known you for approximately seven years, so I think it would be impossible for me to think of you as anything else but your age, unless I was fooling myself about my own age. I feel like I don't look my age though... like, I'll see people on TV say how old they are, and it will be a year younger than me and I'll be like, "whoa there! They look old! I don't look like that."

Ky said...

I have no idea. Do I look my age? I think you and I look the same age, which we are, and I don't really care what age that is.

As long as it's not older.

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