Sunday, June 14, 2009

"We are on our own, Marie."

This week has a busy Wednesday. My Aunt, Uncle and Laura are moving to Missouri. My parents are going on vacation for... I don't know. Two weeks? Three weeks? All I know is that they leave on Wednesday.

This means Mary and I, but mostly I, will be in charge of Grandma. I told Grandma to call me on my cell because I never answer the house phone. I usually only answer the house phone when Judy Mallett is calling. Grandma told me I needed to pick up her mail every two days and bring it over to her frequently because she doesn't want it to get stale. FYI, the post office is on one end of town, I live in the middle, and Grandma lives on the other end of town. I just wanted you to know that. Also, please do not drop off the mail during nap time (a time that varies every day), toilet time, or eating time.

She also reminded me I need to take her barrels to the street on Sunday and bring them down on Monday. I will tell you that you shouldn't be too hasty on Monday. Don't think that just because it is the afternoon the trash has been collected. No no. You will be making two trips if you do that. Although, if you wait past seven P.M. to bring down the cans, you will get a frantic phone call from Grandma worried sick that you have forgotten to bring down her barrels, and don't forget, because she apparently has a lot to put in them seeing how it's been 24 hours since she has been near them. So, it is ideal to take the barrels down right around dinner time and FHE time, thanks.

The removal of my parents from Atascadero also means a removal of family dinners. Grandma tells Marie as they are walking out the door, "No more dinners until July, Marie. We are on our own Maire, we are on our own." She makes it sound like they will probably die in the meantime.

So, this also means I am available for dinner for the next two Sundays. Does anyone want to feed me? And can I bring Grandma and Marie?


Amanda said...

Wow. She's worse than Lillian who insists on arguing about everything. Me: You're going to have a birthday soon; you'll be 3 years old!

Her: No, I'm five.

Me: No, you'll be three.

Her: No, I'm just five!

Not even one barrel mention.

Ky said...

You can bring them here. I would love that. I really would!

Grandma can use my barrel, even.

Jodie said...

How'd do you think a trip to Pittsburgh would be with the ladies? Fabulous I think! Come on out...oh wait...we are leaving too. I guess you are on your own Myriah, you are on your least till July.