Saturday, June 6, 2009

My visit to Amanda

I had the great pleasure of visiting Amanda in her home town a weekish ago. This naturally included a quick tour of her high school (Go Wildcats!) and a lesson on where the cool kids hang out, just in case I needed to infiltrate the system at any point.

The trip would obviously be lame if we didn't go to the beach.

Yeah, that's right, I've hung out at/in Huntington Beach! I'm not sure which preposition to use, so you can choose for yourself.

We saw some great things while we were there, including some young men (ditching school?) who basically put all their things down in the parking lot and then sprinted to the water. Amanda wondered if she could run like that in the sand...

and it turns out she can.

Lillian became concerned about the kids playing in the water...

And I tried to take some pictures of Nora, but this is all she would let me do:

One eye. That's all you get. One eye.

By this time we were starving, so we went to a place Amanda really likes that was very delicious and has a crazy name like YooHoo or Woot Woot or YeeHAW or something.

As we were walking to the restaurant, we heard a booming, all mighty voice come from the air, "No ROLLERBLADING ON THE PIER!" We basically dropped to the ground out of fear, but once we recovered ourselves, we ran into the wild rollerblader!

Amanda was able to get close to her so we could take a picture.

Nice work, Amanda.

Also on our way to lunch, we found this dinky store where I was able to purchase Bare Minerals eye shadow for 20% off!

After lunch we walked on the pier, which is another cool thing to do, and we saw this stuff:

On the pier we saw this pelican. I took a nice picture of Amanda and the bird, and then it was my turn. The pelican opened it's mouth super wide, and was about to eat Nora when it closed it's mouth. This picture was taken right after the closing. Please notice the expression on my face. It really was about to eat us.

While walking along the pier, I would get ahead of the group.

I would turn around to see what the hold up was, and would find this:

This happened, maybe 12 times. But it gave me time to check out the bench inscriptions:

Once we finally got Lillian off the pier, we stopped by the Newport Beach Temple, because I've never seen it.

Turns out it's pretty. This next shot was taken ghetto rigged atop the Ball's new Honda Fit. We zoomed all over town in that thing, and I honestly felt like I was in some sort of commercial.

It was Amanda's turn to go take some pictures, so I was watching the children.

I really feel like Nora hates pictures. I thought she was going to reach out and knock the camera to the ground.

In the afternoon we found ourselves at the Fullerton Farmers Market, which was way more than just an exchange of produce for cash money.

Nope, it had a water feature for the kids, a train ride,


and this semi creepy guy wearing a "got ?" shirt, and reading Reptiles Magazine.

Can anyone read what's on his shirt?


Amanda said...

Oh man, the rollerblader! I forgot about her. I tried to remember if I read his got _ shirt before, but I think I was distracted by the reptile magazine.

Ky said...

Oh man, you had fun!

It looks like it says "dicati."

After asking if I meant ducati, a Google search told me "dicati" might be a leading online source of free webmaster articles, tutorials, tips, as well as a free instant submission directory. Maybe he owns the website,

I used to chillax at Newport Beach, but it's been a very long time since I was there. I may or may not have put a small crab in my friend's bathing suit at Newport Beach.

Claire said...

I think it says ducati. mostly because i can't see the dot for the 'i'. ducati makes motorcycles. by the way, he has an awesome mustache.
i ALSO think it's great that he's reading "reptiles" magazine. this really is an all-around great photo.

Tara said...

I think it says got dicati....which I think is a compound of the two words dye and cat-ie which is maybe a place where you could by hair dye for your cat who is going grey....who knows though...It looks like a great time...also I really hope that the restaurant was named "whoot, whoot”

Ken said...

I'm with Claire on the 'ducati.' But what's creepy about Reptiles magazine? I used to have a subscription...