Monday, September 8, 2008

Not a Cloud in the Sky

I had the opportunity to pick up Grandma for Sunday dinner.

Gma: Will Mary be at dinner, or don't you know?

Me: She's in San Francisco.

Gma: Oh, she had to work?


Gma: Oh, San Francisco.

Gma: Did she go with all her friends?

Me: Yeah.

Gma: All of them?

Me: Uhh....

Me: Probably.

Gma: It sure is hot out today. Not a cloud in the sky. That's what's making it so hot.


Amanda said...

What would she have said if you countered with, "I'm sure it's cold today and cloudy."

Marissa said...

Its been so long since the last Gma post. I was begining to think something was wrong.

Tara said...

And you did all this on an empty stomach...bless your heart! I can't wait for you to come this weekend!

Ky said...

I've missed Gma moments.