Saturday, August 23, 2008

They Closed the Forest

Dad and I were going to go backpacking this weekend but we couldn't because the forest was closed.

I was so sad.

I have never been backpacking before, and felt like I was some sort of wuss because I've never done it.

I'm not interested in being a wuss.

This is where we would have hiked, had the forest not been closed:

So, we had two options:

1) Go eat lunch at the Mexican Restaurant we passed on the way up.

2) Go hike Cerro Alto with packs on, just to get the feel of things.

We went with option B.

It was so windy at the top, I'm surprised I am standing in this picture. I'm almost certain I fell to the ground immediately after this was taken.

On the way down we walked through Whooville or something. I'm not really sure about this fuzzy plant:

When all is said and done, we had a great time. It wasn't quite the same as sleeping in the great outdoors, but at least I got the experience of carrying a pack.

Also, I got two huge blisters, as usual.

These pictures are from the last time I hiked Cerro Alto, 4 years ago, and before I started getting blisters like crazy:

This is one of my favorite pictures of my parents.

It was a gorgeous morning.


Amanda said...

That stinks that the forest was closed. Salmon creek is all the way up in Big Sur, no? That's a long drive to be so disappointed. I wonder if anyone would have noticed if you set up a tent on top of Cerro Alto. Probably the Whos would have told.

Ky said...

How dare they close the forest! I'm glad you still got a good hike out of it--two blisters' worth. That just sounds fabulously outdoorsy.