Sunday, August 10, 2008

Side Pony Sunday

I was sitting in Institute, and Tara leaned over to me, or I leaned over to Tara, I can't really remember, but someone mentioned that we needed to throw down a Side Pony Sunday. I said, "How about this Sunday?" It was agreed this was a good idea, so I waited through the prayer and immediately afterward made the announcement. I invited all women who would like to participate to come to church with their pony's high and on the side.

On Friday at the 1st annual 3rd ward RS camp out, I reminded people of the side pony nature of the coming Sunday. People were excited about it.

But not that excited.

Showed up to church today and there really wasn't as many side ponies as I anticipated. Turns out there are a few side pony pansies in our ward. BUT, we did get more than just Tara and I, so I think it turned out pretty well.

We only coordinated hair, not the black and pink theme. I suppose those people who would rock a side pony were inclined to think that black and pink would complement it well.

I do love a good themed Sunday.


Ky said...

Oh that is just fabulous! I wouldn't be disappointed if I were you. I firmly believe that 9 side ponies makes for a successful Side Pony Sunday.

Amanda said...

Lillian wore a side pony yesterday. I would call it 10. (Her side pony was quite an accident as she wouldn't keep her head still: "Ow Mom! Hurt!" No pain, no gain little one.)

Tara said...

In response to Amanda's comment I'd say that a side pony is a great gain indeed. I too was also disappointed in the amount of girls that actually showed up with a side ponies but I think those of us who did it totally rocked it especially with our coordinated outfit.