Thursday, August 14, 2008

Addicted to Books

I'm addicted to books.

I just can't stop getting them from the library. I just can't.

Growing up, we were allowed only one due date at a time.

I currently have three due dates I'm working on, seven books.

I took three books back tonight, bringing me to my current seven.

I'll wander into the library, knowing full well I have a few books to read at home, and find myself placing an order for a book that happens to come to mind.

I went to the SLO library today, and the checker-outer mentioned that I have a book ready to pick up at the Atascadero library.

Do I know what that book is?


(By the way, I just left this post to go watch the Olympics, and still, after all that time, cannot think of the book I had ordered. It will be a surprise I suppose. A surprise for Monday, because I don't think I will be able to get to the library before then. This is going to haunt me all weekend...)

Okay, now I'm thinking I was wondering around the Classics section and couldn't find what I wanted so I ordered it... I wonder what it was...

So today I went with the intention of finding only one book but picked up four.

So I'm addicted to books.

Or maybe I'm just addicted to collecting.


Ky said...

This is an epidemic. Since when do I read? I mean seriously. I never read until now and here I find myself reading the day away!

Must be something in the water, or maybe in the air. I'm going to go with air because it's possible with all those fires flitting smoke from you to me that we are breathing the same particles.

Book addict particles.

Tara said...

I also am addicted to books. I constantly have a stack sitting next to my bed which I never seem to get through because I keep adding books to's actually nice to never run out of interesting books to read I think it's comforting to have a stack of enjoyable books to read.