Sunday, May 11, 2008

"On the GRASS?!?!?"

Mother's Day was pretty great. It started out with Mary and I giving mom this poster and mom saying, "If I lay down next to it, do you think it will look like I am standing?"


We told her later that we had something else for her, and she said, "Did you write me a poem? Memorize a scripture?"

Dang it. If only I knew that is what she wanted, I could have memorized a scripture for her. Maybe I'll recite a hymn for her birthday.

Dinner was a delightful meal. Once Marie finally got there, that is. Marie was late for dinner, and Grandma started complaining that the hamburgers wouldn't be hot by the time Marie gets here. (btw, Grandma is very food temperature sensitive. She always worries that something will get cold or get too hot and blah blah blah blah blah.) Well, I went across the street to collect Marie, and I find out she hadn't received a note inviting her to dinner. She was right; someone dropped the ball. I blame dad.

As I was walking across the street with Marie, I was thinking that we were making great time. It would take Grandma about 3 times the amount of time it took us to cross the street, and there was significant less grunting and complaining.

I learned a few things at dinner, and one of them is that Grandma is certain she won't last more than 5 years, and the other is that 90% of Marie's known family died at 96. She is currently 90, and Grandma is 82, so we still have a few more years left of Sunday night dinner to look forward to.

Mary wanted some pictures of the ladies, which I thought was a great idea, so we told them to head outside. Grandma freaked out when she learned we wanted her to walk on the grass, but she had her cane and mom to hold on to, so she made it just fine. There was some hullabaloo about just where on the grass to stand, but we got it all figured out, and we got the picture.


Ky said... guys really require a lot of Grandma. No wonder she complains! You made her walk on the grass?!

Well I do hope the food was at a descent temperature for her. She at least deserves THAT on Mother's Day for goodness sake!

Love the picture. That is very cute. :)

Tara said...

Question: Does Marie get a note of invite to dinner every Sunday...or does she just need a note on holidays?

Also Tell your mom I totally thougth she was standing in her picture with the candy gram...

Side note: Remember when I was at your house last week and I asked your Mom what her mothers day wish was...? Well I'm pretty sure she didn't say any thing about a scripture or a it's kinda her fault that you didn't know...still next time I think if I were you I would just memorize something just in case.

By the way I do like the pic of the ladies!

Jodie said...

Mother's Day was a hit in A-town. Pops took a most excellent picture. You guys look greeeaatt!

Myriah said...

Tara- Marie gets a note every Sunday, usually it is inviting her for dinner, or it tells her we won't be home or we aren't having a big meal (like we are rushed for time, or no one will be home at the same time.)

Marie always gets a verbal invite for all holidays about a week before the actual holiday (she has two sons living in the area, so we don't know what she will be doing) and we also leave a note.

That's about it.
Apparently, for Mother's Day she got the verbal invite, but no note.