Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Donn. Two n's. Again.

Tonight I walk into Literacy Council, said hi to another tutor in the room, and proceeded to look for my name on the roll when the door opens and I hear a big booming voice booming, "Myriah!"

I turn, and in comes Donn.

I smile, "It's 'Donn,' right?"

And he gives me exactly what I was hoping for: "Two n's."

"Right, right.... hi."

He had a question for me, and then I start talking to the other tutor. I was sitting in a circle of chairs, and Donn (two n's) comes up and (with hands grasped behind his back) asks if he may join the circle. I say go ahead (weirdo).

I'm not really sure how it happened, but Donn started bragging about how he speaks a little Spanish. He turns to the other tutor (who speaks Spanish as his first language) and Donn starts talking in Spanish. He talks about how he studied abroad in Peru in 1988 for three months.
Then Donn turns to me and says in English (and really slowly), "I studied in Peru for 3 months in 1988." I knew all about it of course, because he was speaking quite slowly in Spanish, and those are easy words anyway. So I say, "WOW. How old were you at the time?"

Donn's age was a mystery to me, and it looked like a good time to clear that up. He said he was about 38 when he spent those three months in Peru.

He said, "I picked up Spanish most effortlessly, you know. I really wanted to use it in my career as a newscaster. I didn't think much of myself until I found myself on Good Morning America, then I decided maybe I could work for Telemundo or something like that." (He explained to me what Telemundo was, but I don't actually live in a hole, so I knew about it already.)

By this time, I had gotten out my notebook and started writing down everything he was saying. He saw me writing and asked if I wanted him to stop talking. I said, "Oh no, I just had a brainstorm for my lesson tonight. Please, keep talking."

Yes, please. You are giving me some great stuff, Donn.

"Well, I wanted to move to China to teach English there, but they wouldn't accept me. I have a gift of teaching, you know, and a knack for languages, so I thought I would apply. But they wouldn't take me. I'm planning on applying again. I want to be there for the World's Fair in twenty ten."

Twenty ten, twenty ten...uhh.... oh, 2010.

I look up perplexed, "The World's Fair? In China? Right after the Olympics?"

"Yes, the very place. You haven't heard of it because it hasn't been advertised yet, but I always keep up on World Fairs. Everyone thinks it is so great of China to be hosting both events, but I personally think they are up to no good," and he continues and talks all about how he hates China and how China owns the United States and mostly how much he hates China.

Whoa, Donn, chillax a bit won't you? It's no wonder they won't let you into their country.
You're a hater.

And also they were probably wondering where your Canadian accent went. You are suppose to have one of those, aren't you?


Ky said...

Oh, wow! First off: way to go, you little note-taker, you. I'm more than impressed by your skills of a blogger.

I had previously thought of Donn as being a youngish type of person. You know, maybe in his mid to late 20s. This really changes things. Now I have to think of him as older than my Dad and that just really gives this all a different feel.

I wonder if he can speak Canadian as he claims he can. He has a knack for languages, you know.

Myriah said...

Yes, and I should also say he wears sweater vests.

Tara said...

I thought almost anyone could go to China to teach english...maybe Donn is too focused on learning other languages and also on being a hater to keep up on his English skills.

Ky said...

Hey...I'm ready for a new story. I need something new to read! Tell us about your most recent job or about what Donn is up to. Or maybe another Gma extravaganza. I don't care! Just gimme something!