Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Madison, WI

I love mini- vay-cays! Friday Hope had an audition in Madison, Wiscinsin, and I had the day off. Road trip!

We left really early, like, at eight, and traveled the  3ish hours to Madison.

The audition was at a huuuuge church, and I wrote my talk while Hope played the cello. 

Afterward, it was time to explore! Based on a tip from a friend, we went to the best chinese place in town. And based on the absence of white people at the restaurant, it really was the best.

After lunch we decided (because I just found out that Madison is Wisconsin's capital) to go see the capital building. 
It was so pretty and FALL!

We found a parking spot, and we ended up next to some type of bike rental station. After some investigation, we decided to rent bikes and bike along the lake!

Five bucks, and we had an hour of happiness! It was such a gorgeous day, and it felt so great to ride. I haven't ridden in ages! 

And immediately after, we were so sore. So we decided to rest on a dock and read our books by the lake. 

At some point we looked up and these guys were fishing our way. They wanted our phone numbers, but we were from out of town, so we knew it would never work out. 

Afterward we found an ice cream parlor that sold Wisconsin-made ice cream. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. It was so good. So amazingly good. And, some how those girls at the ice cream shop gave us our favorite color spoons. It's like they knew. 


Diana C. said...

that trip sounds amazing. I miss you guys so much!!!

Aaron and Amanda said...

Look at you and your fun mini-vacays!! Are you going to post about Vermont next? Good. You better. I'm waiting. :)

Love your blog. Love how you write. Miss you like c-r-a-z-y. Keep writing and living it up!!

Tara said...

Love the fall pics, love that those mens on the lake wanted your numbers, love that you gals went bike riding and read by the lake. Such a fun life. LOVE IT!