Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caroling Out in the Snow

I do not want this blog to fall by the wayside. But with the four jobs, the living in Chicago (Chicago somehow makes you busier. It just does.), the finding a roommate for the summer and then also for the fall at the same time, the going to Church and Institute, the onslaught of emails and FaceLame and Twittering, the planning of all my summer adventures, the parties for hosting, the marshmallows for toasting, the caroling out in the snow... well I guess my point is that I am busy, and would like to blog more, but haven't found the time. So, I'm taking 10 minutes out of the 20 minutes I was going to spend on a different writing thing to write this post. Sorry Other Writing Thing. You only get 10 minutes tonight.

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Ky said...

My blog has been ignored lately, too. These things happen. My taxes have also been ignored, and I know how 3 days to get them done, but I really needed to catch up on your blog. It's a good thing you've been too busy to post a lot or I wouldn't have been able to read it all!