Monday, January 31, 2011

Night of Coincidences

I was going to a friend's house, absolutely freezing while waiting at the L stop. Two trains came going the other way before the train I needed came. I got on, sat down, and we didn't move. The conductor announced that there was something happening on the tracks ahead, so we wouldn't be moving for a minute. I waited, happy to be on the warm train. Then the conductor announced that because of the delay, the train would be running express, and consequently be passing the stop that I need. So, I got off the train and back onto the freezing platform.

As I adjusted my hood, contemplating how cold it really was, another train going the other way came. Many people got off and one guy stood near me under the heat lamps. I was looking down the tracks for the train, and this guy was in my line of sight, so I got a good look at him. After what felt like forever we were back on a train heading to our destinations.

Three hours later, I was going home, and I stepped into a rail car. I sat down, and there was the guy from the platform! It was so bizarre! I've never ever seen someone again like that. I just stepped into the right car I guess. This time he had his arm around some girl, and they were flirting it up. I wonder if they just rode the train for three hours...

So while I was contemplating how crazy it was that I happened to see that guy again, I got on a bus, and there was the bus driver I had earlier in the day! Wicka what! This is crazy! What's going on here?! This is obviously a precursor for something greater. It's my birthday week, but coincidences don't usually happen simply because of my birthday. Will I get sucked into some alternate universe soon? Is all this simply a warning of the Great Blizzard of 2011?? What's going to happen!?

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Tara said...

That is crazy! So if you get sucked into this alternate reality...will we I be your arch nemesis? Happy birthday week buddy!