Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chicago--Because You Can't Get Enough

Months ago I was sitting near Millennium Park, waiting for some people I was semi acquainted with so that we might go to the Jazz Festival together. Well, it was a lovely summer evening, and my back was turned to the Bean, when a passerby swore loudly and exclaimed how beautiful the Bean was and how he needed to capture it on film.

Of course, if someone is so moved by a sight of beauty that the only way to express themselves is with profanity, it must be something truly awe inspiring, so I turned around to look.

I have some bad news for all of you who think I'm deep, but I rarely look at the Bean for it's reflective qualities. Instead, I always see it as what it is: A giant thing in the shape of a bean. So, when I turned to look, I saw.... a bean. Looks the same as always. Beanie. Bean like. Possessing the qualities of a bean. And then it hit me. Myriah, you need to look beyond the bean-ness, and focus on the qualities the bean currently possesses, specifically, the skewed version of my current surroundings and the skyline. And, although not moved to profanity, I did think it pleasant to look upon and snapped a picture for you.

I've also been snapping pictures in other parts of town.

One day I found myself visiting the Chicago Cultural Center. This building is very cool. You should check it out when you can. Perhaps one of the coolest things about this building is the free concert provided everyday at lunch. I went on a classical day, with Dileep Gangolli on clarinet and Yu-Sui Hung on piano. It was beautiful.

I also hit up Buckingham Fountain. I really want to see it at night. I think it would be legit.

Remember when I found the likeness of a thestral outside the Museum for Contemporary Trash? Well, I spotted another animal likeness in Chicago.

 The people here are crazy for wildlife! I like this depiction of a family. It's very cute. I will have you know that so far in the city I've spotted birds, squirrels, and bunnies. I have never seen citified bunnies in the wild before, and I'm shocked every time I spy one. Maybe one day I'll have my bearings about me and be able to capture it on film. It might require some swearing. Who knows.


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I'm glad you haven't yet taken up swearing....also I'm so proud of you for really getting to know Chicago, way to go buddy.