Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bridges and China Town

I went down to the China Town and bought myself some chopsticks.

But perhaps what I enjoyed a bit more were the bridges. 

It was basically like walking on a pier. Just.. less waves.

I'm not really sure why they need a shack in the middle of that one, but I guess it's important somehow.

To top it all off, I enjoyed a cool, refreshing beverage courtesy of China Town.

That fabulous picture was taken while we waited for our train. That's Jessica. Jessica, unfortunately, does not live in Chicago. Jessica was visiting a guy who just moved in and happens to be the brother of a guy who was friends with most of my friends in San Luis Obispo. I would say I was friends with him, too, but I'm not. He moved to SLO right around the time I moved out, so I didn't really ever meet him. Anyway, that complicated back story only slightly explains Jessica. The point is, if she actually lived here, we would totally be hanging out right now.