Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Friend Betting

As many of you know, I will soon be moving to another area. Anytime you pack up and leave, you start off with zero friends. Over time, you will acquire friends, the kind of person you would feel comfortable calling to go get dinner, see a movie, go exploring or the like. The question is, how much time?

I have already had one bet placed at seven weeks.

What is your wager?

I will keep everyone posted on my friend status, and you can see if you win.

Place your bets!


Liji and Christina Waite said...

Myriah, where are you moving to?
We will be in California for a family reunion on the 7-9 of August.


Myriah said...

To Chicago, and I leave before your reunion.

So.. do you have a bet?

Amanda said...

I've moved a few times to places where I knew absolutely no one, and in my experience, it takes between eight months to a year before you really feel like you're settled and have friends. Maybe it's easier without kids, so I'll put my bet at eight months.

Jodie said...

Yeah...I'm with Amanda. It can really take a while to find a good friend. It takes me about a year to feel comfortable in a spot...geographically and socially. However, thinking back at college days it was easier since you potentially live with friends that already have friends. Hmmm...a tough call, but I'll got with 3 months because of the friends with friends factor.

Kayde & Orion said...

We became friends quickly after we met and considering you are a very likeable person... I am going to say a couple months, meaning 2-4 but I would not be shocked if it happened sooner. Good luck out there!

Claire said...

this is a difficult question. i don't envy you having to judge...

but i suppose my guess would be...2 months. but i also wouldn't be surprised if that friend is not active on your roster a year from now. i bet you'll be comfortable enough with them to spend time with them and call them up, and such. But you need more time (usually) to end up with the real keepers. the friends that wouldn't care if you broke into their house to steal ice cream and leave a ransom note.

but maybe that's just me.

Mark said...

7 weeks.

Ky said...

I have moved 25 times. I feel like I am the most qualified person to answer this question. Also, we have similar personalities.

The fastest I ever made friends was in college, like Jodie said. I think that was because most people were a) new to the area, and b)constantly looking to form friendships. Also, like Jodie said, I made friends with roommates. For instance: you.

Your new crowd will be out of college (generally) and in the workplace. I see you aiming for single friends because they are less likely to suddenly move away. Depending on when you find a job you like and whether or not you like your 2 roomies, I give you 6-12 weeks.

You aren't a wimp. You'll bring up things like, "Where's the best pizza place around this joint?" and "I need a good park to walk in" and you will make connections that way. They'll tell you their favorite spots and you'll say, "Wanna show me on Saturday?" and voila--you're on your way to friendshiptown.

I can just see it now!