Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend started with an excellent night of tacos, ice cream sundaes, and a surprise dog shaped cake made by Jodie! I do love dogs.

The next morning I jumped on a plane to go visit my friend Cassandra in Salt Lake City.

It was a most excellent weekend. My dream of dreams was to go snow shoeing, and Cassandra made it happen!

I also did some downhill skiing.

And, apparently it's not considered snow shoeing if you don't slide down a hill on your butt.

Later that night I went to see this girl:

And eat this cake:

And also get puked on. Yes, Taffy puked on my pants, but Paul happened to have his duck pants nearby so I slipped into those and Paul washed my jeans. It was fabulous. I had freshly laundered and pressed jeans.

Later, later that night we fulfilled another dream and we went to go visit the newish Draper temple.


Amanda said...

Wow, I totally missed your birthday, which I usually am thinking about because it's my 1/2 birthday eve. I'm glad it was great. I'll think of something great to send you.

Jodie said...

Man...that Utah trip looked like SO much fun! I'm so glad you got a good picture of my sad attempt at a dog cake. Birthdays are the best!

The Studes said...

this makes me so sad.. =( but your birthday was tons of fun!!!