Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Love

I'm in love with Apolo Anton Ohno.

It all started in 2002, but I didn't fall head over heels until 2006. In 2006 I was living in Rexburg and I was majorly excited about the Winter Olympics. Somehow, none of my roommates at the time had any idea that there even was a Winter Olympics. In fact, one of my roommates insisted on watching Law and Order reruns instead of the Olympics. What?

I had to educate them. The best way is to show Apolo racing. I even printed out a picture of Apolo and hung it on our wall. When I moved, Apolo was moved to my car, where he rode around with me until his picture got too faded. In this way I was able to share the Apolo love. I never should have done this. Now everyone loves him, and I want him all to myself.


Now, this year, the fire has burned even stronger. The question is, how am I going to get him to notice me? Mary suggested I start by buying a pair of ice skates. Tara suggested some things, but they weren't suggestions for me, they were suggestions for her. Lame.

So what do you think? Should I buy some ice skates?


Jodie said...

When I was in YW one of my teachers taught me this. You are like a flower, let the bee come to you. So Myriah, you are the flower. Apolo the bee. One question...can flowers skate?

Ky said...

It's the best way to rope him. Yes, get the skates.

Claire said...

I approve of your choice. Anything I can do to help, you just let me know.

Tara said...

maybe you should try going to Berkeley...or maybe you should join his fan could work.
:) ps. check out my blog for a funny story about love fore Apolo.

Ky said...

It's time for a new post, Myr. Give me something to work with here.