Friday, November 9, 2007


I have officially been tagged. This means that I must share 3 facts and 3 habits, and then tag someone else to do the same thing. You could be next!

If anyone would like to volunteer, by all means, you are tagged.

Fact: I have oft times wished and hoped for someone to fill up my gas tank during the night, and it would be all ready to go in the morning. Or the afternoon, or whenever I end up using my car.

So I have hoped for a magical GasMan. Of course, I would never need him every night, but I would need him frequently. I like to keep my tank above the half way mark, as I get better mileage that way.

I would love a GasMan.

I hate getting gas. I’m just lazy. I hate getting gas on my way somewhere… because that usually always makes me late. So that means I need to put gas in the tank at some other time, requiring planning and doing. Sigh.

The GasMan would need no payment (although I would somehow pay for the gas… but the GasMan would not charge a service fee.) He would be like Santa Claus, bringing toys to children around the world, or like Big Foot, keeping overpopulation from the wilderness areas of our country.

Habit: I like to clean my room at night. Right before I go to bed, actually. I love waking up to a clean room. Unfortunately, this does not show off my time management skills. I usually get carried away in my cleaning and end up going to bed much later than I should.

Fact: There is a man on our roof.

Habit: I don’t walk around barefoot. It grosses me out. We have never had carpet in the house, so the floor is usually cold, and I think that no matter how often you clean, floors are always dirty. I can’t walk around bare-socked either. My socks end up picking up little bits of dirt, or dust bunnies, and I end up dragging around someone’s hair on the bottom of my foot. That is gross. And then, if I put my feet on the couch, what did I just put on the couch? Yes, little bits of dirt, dust bunnies, and hair. That is gross. I can’t wear slippers either, they are too hot, and any sort of grossness could get in them.

So, I have sandals that I use when I’m walking around the house. They are really quite handy if I want to get the mail, or go out back to get something. Or go to the side door to get something. People may say, “Why don’t you keep a pair of shoes at the door?” and I may say, “Were you not listening, there are a lot of doors to keep shoes at. That would be ridiculous.”

Fact: When friends become too much of a hassle, I want to drop them.
As the Black Eyed Peas said, “No no drama, you don’t want no drama.”
It’s like they were reading my soul. They are right. I don’t want drama.
I don’t know if it is good or not, but I rarely drop friends. I usually wait it out.

Habit: I rarely drink milk. I think milk is shady.

Disclaimer: I think all my “habits” could really fall under the “fact” category. I thought about looking up the difference between a fact and a habit, but then realized once I knew the difference, I would be responsible for doing this assignment correctly, and that didn’t interest me at all.


Hilary said...

Habits are facts, too. They are just facts about habits you have. The distinction is in how you put it. For example, it is a habit of mine to buy and consume at least one unit of canned asparagus a week. It is a fact that asparagus is my favorite canned vegetable. There is a 93% chance that you will think that is gross- and that's a fact as well.

Anyhoo, good post. I know many more things about you now. I'll try not to be drama, 'cause I like you and would like to continure to be your friend:-) When are we going to meet with the book club and talk Tempest?

Hilary said...

I don't know how that 'r' made it into continue. Maybe I have an accent.

Myriah said...

Oh, really?
You didn't know you had an accent?
It was one of the first things i noticed about you.

Also, are you serious about this canned asparagus thing? Not so much you eating it, but more that it exists. I've never seen it before. But i certainly have never looked for it before.

Hilary said...

It does exist... or I've been having a seriously realistic hallucination every week for the last great while. Its usually kept up on one of the higher shelves on the canned veggie aisle. I have a friend who makes it at Thanksgiving, and mashes it with canned mushrooms. I don't recommend that.

Tara said...

Wow I had no idea that hilary ate canned asparagus...I hate to be negative after her be so great about the whole soynog thing but I just cant see how that would be good. By the way great job on your post! Very interesting and funny...a combo I really like.