Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Goals and Frozen Toes

On Wednesdays, I have the opportunity to go to yoga. The instructor is a student and sometimes says silly things, so sometimes i do my own thing. It's a better work out that way.
Well, i noticed that kickboxing/combo ( i have no idea what "combo" is) is the hour before yoga, so i went to it today, and now i am very tired, i might die, but it was great. I am planning on the back to back classes for the rest of the semester. It's a great goal i have.
My second goal includes something about 8 hours of sleep everyday. The SAME 8 hours. None of this try to nap where possible game i've been playing. It's just been silly.

Also, i am getting increasingly stoked about my birthday on Sunday. Oh, Mom, Dad, thanks in advance for that box you're sending me. You are sending me a box, right?

It's 9 degrees right now. Just thought you should all know.


Jodie said...

You take hard-core to a whole new level...kickboxing/combo and

Amanda said...

I never, ever thought I'd say this, but... I miss the gym.